Monday, September 7, 2020
Zara Sheikh In Pringted Parallel Pakistani Suit

Zara Sheikh In Printed Parallel Suit

Zara poses in a complete touch of feminity. Chiffon base Top with heartmelting floral prints decked all over. Her strap sleeves are of golden...
Zara Sheikh Printed Parallel Suit

Zara Sheikh | Parallel Printed Style

Zara Sheikh shoots in very casual Parallel Pant Suit. White cotton base crafted with floral prints all around. Paired with matching Pant and Printed...

Printed Pant Suit | Zara Sheikh

Parallel Printed Suit On Zara Sheikh. Zara spreads the aura of freshness in this very soothing and mesmerizing Parallel Suit. Her Kameez is crafted with elegant blue...
Zara Sheikh Pajama Salwar Kameez

Zara Sheikh In Printed Styles

Zara Sheikh done a fashion photoshoot in Printed Parallel Suit. Looks very classy and adorable, her top is decked with floral designs all around...
Zara Sheikh In Parallel Capri style

Zara Sheikh In Awesome Bell-Bottoms

Zara Sheikh in excellent master piece which adds stars in her beauty. Its not a trendy Salwar Suit but a very stylish Capri Parallel...